Sposa D’Este

Wedding dress atelier



An atelier which is also a tailor shop crafting wedding dresses and ceremonial suits for men and women, where the experience is not only about manufacturing and sales, but goes deeper: hospitality, empathy, and sharing are the main keywords here. For Sposa D'Este, we developed an online advertising strategy on Google Ads to help future spouses find their dream dress.


Search campaigns

The first step was a brand protection campaign – so that Sposa D'Este always positions itself before its competitors for the queries relating to the brand. We designed a search campaign aimed at covering searches with the generic terms most used by the target, and a campaign for individual designers and wedding dress brands to bring highly qualified traffic to their pages on the website. What about the groom? We allocated part of the budget for a dedicated campaign.

Display campaigns

For the display campaigns we created banner ads aimed at bringing the user to the Sposa D'Este website, showing campaign images of wedding dresses or real wedding photos. We defined a target focused on those who had already searched for keywords related to the world of wedding dresses on Google, or who had visited certain competitor websites. We also planned a remarketing campaign to encourage users to book an appointment via the website form.

Continuously evolving management

We periodically combine continuous search and display campaigns with "spot" campaigns to encourage lead generation in the event of promotions or to communicate the atelier initiatives, e.g. related to charity or sustainability.