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For Tiflosystem, an Italian company that – since 1987 – has been providing solutions to facilitate the daily lives of people with visual impairments, we designed the e-commerce. The challenge? In one word, accessibility. Et voila, it was not easy but for Tiflosystem we created a site navigable via screenreader, written in an inclusive language and usable by any user thanks to the implementation of voice assisted navigation! By holding shift, audio is detected and, through a Google dialog flow management tool, we are able to give different voice responses or direct the user within different pages.


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Watchword: accessibility

The entire digital experience has a precise focus on inclusion: Tiflosystem's website is designed with a simple, easy-to-navigate interface for all users. In order to build a timely experience with respect to user needs, in addition to following accessibility guidelines and regulations – which were extensively explored in the research phase – the front end was developed following subsequent side-by-side testing with end users. For the Tiflosystem website, we were not satisfied with working on the interface but we added a boost of technological support through a search system – based on AI – capable of handling voice commands and simplifying the analysis of information offered by the site. Not only that: we integrated an important innovation for the digital domain, enabled by the use of Jamstack thinking and the vue.js-based frontend: a voice chatbot built by integrating Google Speech APIs for listening/reading + Algolia APIs for search, capable of driving fully voice command-based navigation.

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