Marble for architecture and design



An emotion to be experienced: this is marble for Margraf, the historic Vicenza-based company that has been combining craftsmanship and the most innovative technologies in marble processing for architecture and design since 1906. With more than 200 types of marble and natural stones and an avant-garde R&D laboratory, Margraf has taken Italian know-how all over the world, collaborating with the most important international architects and designers: for Margraf we have been involved in the restyling of the website, enhancing the experience right from the designers' needs.


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Intuitive navigation and storytelling

The new Margraf website was designed with a clear focus: architects and designers, the company's main target group. An efficient and creative product search system is the jewel in the crown of a simple and user-friendly interface not only for designers, but also for architects and private individuals. The company storytelling has been tidied up and simplified to bring to the surface the soul of a brand that has a long history and solid craftsmanship but at the same time manages to stay one step ahead in terms of technological innovation, style and sustainability: a company that treats marble as a living, changing material.

Interconnected contents

Even the structure of the contents reflects Margraf's attitude, thanks to an uninterrupted - fluid - path connecting products, processes and realised projects: in order to present them, we have pushed on the photographic cut, implementing the presence of images - carefully selected to give an effective contribution to the story of architectural projects, collaborations, collections and the product and its processes.