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Social media marketing Shooting Video

fischer is the point of reference for designers, contractors and installers in the construction industry, as well as the top-of-mind brand for dowels. For the associate fischer Italia we developed a social media strategy that can speak to the company's different target audiences (retailers, private DIY enthusiasts, professionals and craftsmen, engineers and architects) on the most appropriate platform. What about contents? We updated them with a fresher, lighter style, creating ad hoc shoots and short videos for Ig Reels and TikTok.

Leitmotif: color

New content characterized by clean aesthetics, in which the color catalyzes attention; a social strategy developed to succeed in reaching the company's multiple targets on the different platforms: Meta channels (Facebook and Instagram) for retailers - the main target - and end users, from individuals to craftsmen and professionals who choose fischer products rather than those of their competitors; LinkedIn, to make engineers and architects aware of the systems and design part; and finally TikTok to reach the younger segment of the private target audience, which still does not identify fischer as a top-of-mind brand.