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Take two passionate connoisseurs of the subject of oenology (understood in a sense that is anything but academic, ed.) and seat them at the same table - in turn - with producers, restaurateurs and influencers. Imagine them chatting in a completely frank and irreverent way. That's the recipe for the most tongue-in-cheek podcast on the world of wine, Bevoforte: no lectures handed down, but a highly entertaining discussion stemming from the points of view of men and women who have made a profession out of wine.

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Bevoforte is a publishing project which explores the world of wine and dining in an unconventional way, using entertainment to engage new generations, leading them to learn more about the industry and become more aware of the world of alcohol. The production of the podcast was entirely edited by Palazzina Creativa, both in the audio part and in the creation of video content dedicated to the social media world, up to the distribution across the different platforms. (Spotify, Amazon Music, Spreaker and Apple Podcasts).

Not only is the look we designed in line with the identity of Bevoforte, but it is also suitable for a type of merchandising - a crucial element to communicate this project- that immediately stands out with edgy, aggressive lettering inspired by the world of rock/metal.