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A new-generation brand, born from a long experience in the kitchen sector. We’re talking about Opera: integrated cooktop and suction systems which combine Italian design and German technology. After the Brand Sprint phase, we designed the new brand identity and implemented it onto business cards, notes and letterhead paper. We then developed a catalog and a website to convey both the creativity and the concreteness of Opera’s offer - a duality that is also communicated through a new social media strategy and the restyling of the digital content.


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Two souls, one website

How did we manage to express the dichotomy of products that are innovative but reliable, functional but refined, technologically-advanced but intuitive? With a site designed to make these elements coexist and dialogue with one another. The high performance, ease of use, and aesthetic refinement of Opera integrated systems emerge thanks to a minimal, modern layout carried out by a simple and immediate browsing experience. The site also presents a download area dedicated to distributors: a free access section to download manuals and data sheets of each product.