Fornace S.Anselmo

Your style, brick by brick


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When the know-how of over one hundred years becomes foresight and trend. Fornace S.Anselmo is the leading company for design terracotta and brick products. Our work supported the company in a process of reorganizing brand communication through the main digital channels - in particular the website and social platforms - mainly addressing technicians and architects on an international scene.


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Design, headless technology and contents

The website was developed with a Headless architecture system, with Strapi and VUE.js interface. The design - airy, light and photographic - was studied ad hoc to balance the complexity of the products and services to be presented. Overall, the website offers a perfect synthesis between technicality, product narration, and browsing experience, allowing the user to enter S.Anselmo word.

Storytelling between contents and community

The social strategy is oriented towards brand awareness and the active involvement of the community. Corporate and product storytelling passes through the creation of ad hoc content and the sharing of user-generated content. In this way customers and retailers from all over the world contribute to the narrative path of a brand with almost a century of history.