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App System integration

For Berton Magazzini, we designed a digital interface for mobile and tablet devices where customers can, in a completely autonomous way, register for the first time to get their loyalty card, or update their data. Whereas before registration required a paper form - downloadable from or available directly in the store - to be filled, and those data had to be manually copied into the database by Berton’s employees, customers can now manage their Bertoncard membership conveniently from a web app.

Web app

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From paper to digital: Bertoncard, an UX and database friendly web app

From paper form to online registration: for the Berton Magazzini physical store in Bolzano Vicentino, we digitized the process to access the services of the Bertoncard, the customer loyalty card. To realize the web app, we started with the interface design (mobile and tablet versions), developing a different user flow for the two types of users: one path dedicated to those subscribing for the first time to the fidelity card program, the other to users already registered, who wish to update their data. Furthermore we developed a Bertoncard recovery system via email or SMS for those who lose the loyalty card. Once the registration process is complete, the web app sends the card code to the customer via email or text message, and the loyalty card can be saved on the smartphone using the Stocard app.


Email marketing & integrations

Together with the design of the web app interface, we worked on the revision of the initial infrastructure of Berton Magazzini's database system - a task that included database and server setup - and then developed the application and its integration to the Berton DB, Berton Magazzini's customized database containing customer records and orders. The digitization process improves customer experience and the management of the company's database and direct marketing flows. In fact, the service includes email and telephone-based verification to avoid duplicate contacts and integration with Mail Up, the platform used to send email and SMS to customers who have subscribed to the Bertoncard.