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Immanence is an ethical, legal, and strategic consulting benefit company established with the purpose of helping companies to create responsible, transparent, and inclusive AI and algorithms, while complying with national and European regulations. We chose to support this startup as part of our benefit activities: for Diletta Huyskes and Luna Bianchi - founders of Immanence - we created the logo and corporate identity.

Immanence logo


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The human face of digital

The logo was the starting point: we chose a sans serif font, no frills, simple and impactful to convey the idea of a business that operates with (and for) transparency, without superstructure. Among the sans serifs, however, we went for a font with some soft, rounded lines, to evoke the human side as well and inspire a sense of confidence. The intersection of the two M represents the coming together of both two worlds: technology and ethics.

Shades of purple (the color of the technology sector) representing the harmony between the technical/legal aspect and the human sphere of the user, is designed as a kind of guided path to discovering the Immanence project. Technology, humanity: two areas that seem to be in antithesis, but find their own balance in the mission and image designed for Immanence, a consulting firm that measures the impact of algorithms and AI, and supports companies in designing digital processes that operate in accordance with ethical principles, in a transparent and non-discriminatory way.